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Why they put the snake inside the mouth of the camel

Snake recovered camel decease Arabic Camel Eat Snake

Many people ask why not harvest the snake venom and inject it instead of forcing the creature to swallow a snake?so Why they put the snake inside the mouth of the camel ?

This is not a stupidity this is the treatment of camel from a decease, Which type of decease i don’k know, but this is the 100%recovery from this decease and camel becomes fit …

A disease that affects the camel and makes it watch the sun from the east to the ouest without eating or drinking until it dies and treated snake swallowing and reacts poison with her body.

Two Saudi men forcing a helpless camel to swallow a live snake as they push the reptile down its throat, by pouring water in the animal’s mouth as it tries and fails to fend off their cruel abuse.

Watch the video of Why they put the snake inside the mouth of the camel

It is known that the camel eats the grass, but sometimes it may have to eat a snake as a medicine in rare cases, it feels very thirsty because of the heat of the poison, and remains thirsty for eight hours until the eye squeezes the juice of tears and stored it in the creek (small bag) Eye formed from the heat eating snake.

His tear is different from all the tears, where God made it a medical property, one of these tears treatment of the bite of the snake !!
(Camel tears analgesic testicle bite).

This camel was having a disease called الهين (Al-Heen) which makes the camel always thirsty thus demanding a very large amount of water. This disease is cured by forcing the camel to swallow a snake. The poison from the snake will cure the camel.

Camel Eat Snake.. or snake eaten by camel or arab people do this to camel … Decease recovered or removed by eaten snake camel eaten snake this is just a hilarious one and if this worked then just wow amazing treatment of camel by putting snake alive snake into the mouth of camel wow amazing just amazing 🙂

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