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Why Motorcycling is the way to Lowering Stress Levels

Turns out motorcyclists could get over-an excellent sense of freedom from riding.

Motorcycling is the way to Lowering Stress !!! I love having that time to ride alone. You have to totally clear your mind. It’s actually really peaceful.

Maybe this will get more young people into motorcycling. The only problem is they won’t be able to text and ride.

A pioneering new study conducted by researchers at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, found that Motorcycling is the way to Lowering Stress and can also provide a number of mental and physical benefits.

My reasons to ride: Its meditative.

I have to be fully mentally present so it makes me clear my head to ride safely. Its a properly human activity.

While our cars are increasingly driving themselves, motorcyclists control their bikes, not the other way around. 3. It reflects the reality of life.

There is risk and there is reward. The biggest factor in determining which I get is my skill and competence.

I would add :

Ability to park anywhere (especially in cities and events)

Ability to get through traffic jams

Striking up of conversations- so many people just walk up to you to talk about your bike

The ability to smell everything you can’t inside a car

The feeling of freedom: reduction of pollution

And its FUN – especially in corners. Oh I forgot the ability to ride in a group (try that in a car)

Here’s most of reasons you should ride a motorcycle!

In addition to ‘freedom’ and ‘therapy’ and ‘the wind in your hair,’ I wanted to try and approach this from a financial and responsible mindset. Motorcycling is the way to Lowering Stress

Results Highlights Motorcycling is the way to Lowering Stress:

  • Riding a motorbike cut secretion bio-markers of stress by twenty eighth
  • On average, riding a motorbike for twenty minutes augmented participants’ heart rates by eleven p.c and vasoconstriction levels by twenty seven percent—similar to light-weight exercise
  • Sensory focus was increased whereas riding a motorbike versus driving a automobile, a bearing conjointly ascertained in knowledgeable about mediators vs non-mediators
  • Changes in study participants’ brain activity whereas riding instructed a rise in alertness almost like drinking a cup of occasional

One more perk… Women LOVE bikers!!!

“While scientists have long-studied the connection of brain and endocrine responses to attention and stress, doing therefore in real-life conditions like these is rare,” explained UCLA academician and senior team member, Dr. Mark Cohen. “No workplace experiment will duplicate the sentiments that a traveler would wear the open road.”

“The variations in participants’ medicine and physiological responses between riding and alternative measured activities were quite pronounced,” continued Dr. Vaughn. “This might be important for mitigating everyday stresses.

That’s so true. Still I think it’s an interesting study and I hope some people on the fence about riding read this and decide to go for it. Need more people riding so the motorcycle companies stay profitable or we all lose.

Till next time, ride safe out there, & stay vigilant!

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