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Who is the strong man in the world now a days

Who is the strong man in the world ?

Martins Licis Is the Strongest Man now a days !

Martins Licis  is one of the competitors who cut weight because he knew the heat was going to be a huge factor. His strategy paid off big time to be THE 2019 WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN COMPETITION . He’s lucky because Shaw and Hafthor got injured or else he would of lost but he’s definitely gonna be a winner in the future.

World’s Strongest Man 2019 Results

1. Martins Licis
2. Mateusz Kieliszkowski
3. Hafthor Bjornsson

After a lot of crazy competition over a week and several unfortunate injuries, doesn’t matter how big you are what matters is the fight in side the person, the World’s Strongest Man competition got by one man and that man is Martins Licis from the United States.

We don’t forget the good show for Tom stoltman, he will win it one day in future for sure , Tenzin D he plans to drop 40 lbs and incorporating more movement training incorporated. Should be an interesting Shaw in 2020. He has gotten stronger every year, but if he can score points in his worst events then he can be competitive for many years to come. Mark Felix is like 18 years older than Shaw and still out there.

Martins Licis is the strong man in the world 2019

Tom and Luke stoltman, the first brothers to appear in a WSM final. Representing the Highlands of Scotland, Tom is a future WSM contender, in the making.Hes only 24.

World’s Strongest Man 2019 Finalists

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