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Who is The Beautiful Lady who interrupts the Champions League Final half-naked

The Beautiful Lady Kinsey Wolanski half-naked fan interrupts Champions League Final epic and buzz

The Beautiful Russian Lady Kinsey Wolanski half-naked fan interrupts Champions League Final

The Beautiful Lady Kinsey Wolanski is a Russian lady, she is a famous model who has over 300,000 followers on Instagram beauty selfie ,she got 3 Millions dollars and millions of followers on Instagram when she did the hot streak half-naked by interrupting the Champions League Final ,luck be a lady. This might be the most interesting thing to happen at a soccer game in quite some time.

The beautiful russian women has 22-year-old , she is a model’s streaking was doing a prank as a publicity for her man’s new YouTube Channel brand, titled “Vitaly Uncensored” natch, which promises its viewers “ elevator prank, tits and a**, no rules.”

Lady Kinsey Wolanski In a skimpy sexy black bikini, cupshe bathing suits or hollister bikini. The beautiful blonde is aware of component a two about pulling off a prank in the game, as she’s courting notorious YouTube prankster.

Lady Kinsey Wolanski QUOTE

STREAKING THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE! Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever 

Lady Kinsey Wolanski lady luck

She is doing promotion online shopping women’s clothes of Holiday Shop | Women’s Holiday & Summer Clothes , shop by outfit women’s , best women’s clothing stores.

Liverpool Vs Tottenham 2-0 ⚽ Hot Girl Invades Pitch During Champions League Final Madrid 2019 

from 300K to 3 m Follower in instagram by STREAKING THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!

A few hours after her enter in the final of the Champions League this Saturday, Kinsey Wolanski had more then 3 million followers on Instagram , Then disappeared from social networks …

Liverpool Vs Tottenham 2-0 the sexy Girl Invade Pitch During Champions League Final video — Go Down you will find the full video.

 Look that Lady Kinsey Wolanski , she entered in Football champions league final

I think now she will have millions after this incident. Wolanski was wearing a black outfit which included the a promotion for the x-rated website ‘Vitaly Uncensored’. Look at espn sports scores live

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