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When You Have A Difficult Name To Pronounce

Being too “over it” to awkwardly correct someone’s mispronunciation, when You Have A Difficult Name To Pronounce

Many names are hard to pronounce maybe yours also if they’re in a language that you’re not used to. When You Have A Difficult Name To Pronounce ,Often, names with sounds not in your language will pose the greatest problems. It’s therefore difficult to say which names are difficult to pronounce because it depends on their origin.

For example ,A Difficult Name To Pronounce, in my language, we don’t have the letter ‘l’ so if a name has an ‘l’ sound, it might be pronounced as ‘r’. Generally, shorter names are easier to pronounce than long names.

Try pronouncing African especially Nigerian names. These names typically have very traditional origins and significance and may be easy for a Nigerian to pronounce but if you aren’t Nigerian and you are bearing them for the first time. Give them a try.






I have seen many Nigerians change their names or get nick names just because people find it difficult to pronounce their native names.

Lanre becomes Larry

Seun becomes Sean

There are numerous place names which are not pronounced as they are written. I live not far from Happisburgh – pronounced Haze-bre – and Wymondham – pronounced Wind-um. The English surnames Cholmondeley – pronounced Chum-ley – and Marjoribanks – pronounced March-banks – are equally confusing.

A difficult name to pronounce, but that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to Polish novelist Eliza Orzeszkowa, oh no. Orzeszkowa was one of the most passionate and influential writers during that painful period that saw Poland partitioned between.

At School

People’s reaction to this issue varies depending on their personality. If your student has a strong desire to please, wants desperately to fit in, or is generally conflict-avoid-ant, they may never tell you you’re saying their name wrong.

For those students, it might matter a lot, but they’d never say so. And other kids are just more laid-back in general. But for many students, the way you say their name conveys a more significant message.

I hate it when students feel the need to apologize for their inherent identity. If we can figure out how to say names like Beethoven, and Targaryen we can do the same with those we work with.

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