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Thanos reaches full power by Shampoo Prank

When Thanos reaches full power Shampoo Prank

When Thanos reaches full power by Shampoo Prank

HoomanTV is back with another Shampoo Prank at the beach ! This is the 12th time and the best video from his prank videos. HoomanTV is doing this prank and he is doing it because his fans have loved the previous parts.That muscle guy the fans call him Thanos makes the most viral video on youtube.

How to do the shampoo Prank by HoomanTV

So HoomanTV keep them coming as long as you enjoy watching them ! he presents to you the shampoo prank! This was probably one of the simplest yet funniest pranks he has ever filmed.

The idea is simple. he went out and bought a ton of shampoos then headed to the beach so he can find a few random strangers taking a shower in public, then he would wait as they washed their head and just about finished before sneaking up right behind them to keep on adding more shampoo.

The result was hilarious! It would only get funnier as I would just camp behind then and keep on doing the same thing for a while.People were so confused trying to figure out why the shampoo they are using is not washing off.

I really enjoyed filming this prank and people watching thought it was hilarious and easily one of the funniest pranks to pull off so I’m going to consider doing a shampooing people prank part 2! Maybe with more shampoo, a shampooing girls version!

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