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Chen San-Yuan Pokemon Go old men addiction

When Pokemon Go is life by Chen San-Yuan

 I can’t believe this person has that much dedication to a mobile game Pokemon Go

This old man named Chen San-Yuan Pokemon Go addicted is been interviewed before and said his grandson introduced the game to him. He stated that he plays the game because it allows him to stay healthy and it passes the time during his retirement. That is actually his job. People pay others to keep up their Pokemon Go account while they are at work or if they know they can’t play for a few days or weeks

I’m thinking he’s gotta be getting paid to do this for other people. Like idk, seems like a lot of effort for just himself on one account. People are giving him their account info for the game and paying him to boost up their roster and stock. He’s smart though easy and fun way to make money.

Chen San-Yuan the oldest gamer Pokemon Go Addicted

It’s a kind of work actually, Pokémon walking service. Kind of like for dogs. You pay them to walk your buddy and hit stops. Could be your next career.

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