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Africa is burning today

Urgent Africa is Burning Right Now More than the Amazon

Africa is Burning Right Now more than the Amazon and Nobody Even Knows

Africa is Burning right now more than the Amazon and no body cares. More green places burning a hug parts in Angola, DR Congo. The Amazon is actually 3rd in the world in wildfires over the last 48 hours. According to the NASA data analyzed by Weather Source.Yes, more fires are burning in sub-Saharan Africa than in Brazil. But context is important

Africa fires more then amazonas

World news outlets never really talk about what’s going on in Africa. It’s always Europe, Mexico, Middle East, North Korea and Russia for the most part.

This is Harp, western world doesn’t care under all that jungle is diamonds, rubies, emeralds, tunnels of the ancients….oil.

Africa News today, Africa is Burning

By the satellite and the Weather analyses Source has recorded 6,902 fires in Angola over the past 48 hours. Compared to 3,395 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and 2,127 in Brazil.

Bit it seems nobody cares about the fires burning in Africa right now.

It’s hard for tropical wet land forests to burn like that, even in long dry weather. Is it HARP technology igniting fire?

Maybe another Hegelian dialectic to substantiate global warming agenda of Pope, to globalize the world under new world order?

Around the World, Forests Are on Fire , Africa and Amazonas forest

Africans have to tell their own story and stop waiting for the white folks

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