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Trump becomes 1st U.S. president to watch sumo in Japan by epicandbuzz

Trump became the first president to watch sumo in Japan

Trump watch sumo in the sport’s homeland during a four-day trip to Japan, and was able to present the trophy to the tournament champion on Sund .

Trump, Abe Attend Sumo Event, Trump Presents Trophy to Sumo Winner in Japan

“Reiwa” in the scene of a severe alert situation that the first sumo wrestlers have never seen. For Asanoyama, who won for the first time, it has been a lifetime.

Trump watch sumo is in the country as part of a ceremonial state visit that has been shadowed by tough trade talk.

Trump was also wearing Slippers. They take outside shoes off when entering a building. Sumo Wrestling is a Great Japanese tradition. May it live on for many years.

U.S. President Donald Trump presented a special “Trump” trophy to the winner of a sumo tournament in Tokyo, Japan, May 26 during his four-day state visit to the country. The giant eagle-topped “President’s Cup” went to wrestler Asanoyama, who actually clinched the title before the matches that Trump attended on Sunday.

The president hoisted the hefty cup into Asanoyama’s arms with the help of an official. Trump and his wife Melania attended the sumo tournament to get a taste of one of Japan’s most treasured cultural institutions. The president and first lady joined Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie, and an estimated 11,500 fans who packed Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium to watch oversized, muscular men battling in loin cloths. (AP)

The Japanese are proud of their culture & love their country. Honor means a great deal to them. They don’t allow “other cultures” that seek to divide & dominate to immigrate to their country. They teach their children from the start of their school years…what it is to be a proud citizen of a great nation.

Cheers to Japan and the United States of America, and may our alliance be fair and mutually beneficial amongst friends.

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