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the Biggest white manta ray in the world

Tourists mind blowing away after discovering the biggest white manta ray

Tourists on a boat surprised by the Biggest white manta ray in the world swimming around them

Extraordinary footage captures enormous and the Biggest white manta ray .So beautiful, Knowing this can be one of the smaller creatures of the ocean, it really makes me wonder what is all down there. . . Nature is beautiful. We must protect it.

A lucky photographer captured some unique footage of an enormous white manta ray. Tourist guide Damian Young, 47, was on a boat trip in the stunning Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia, when he and his clients had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From their boat, the group spotted a huge white manta swimming through the

Gracious, powerful and beautiful… One of the natures gift!!!!
Manta ray, a giant of the ocean

We know very little about the manta ray, they are a mystery, because they can’t live in an aquarium. The greatest danger to the manta ray is the fishing harpoon. But the manta rays are still a really mistery.

The ocean is amazing and I hope to continue to see this amazing place save. However, we need to fight against plastics pollution in our oceans! Soon we are able to see more plastics than fish! What you see in this video soon we won’t see it anymore! Climate change is a factor!

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