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This fantastic gymnastics Katelyn Ohashi video is the most watched in 2019

Buzz Women and Sport Katelyn Ohashi : What is The most watched sports video of 2019

Women and Sport : Katelyn Ohashi is a 22 year old gymnast who has conquered the world with her very difficult choreography and great mentality with gymnast popular video of the year. It has revolutionized the image we usually have of gymnasts.

Katelyn‘s the real MVP, such a wonderful little human, one of the coolest ever. You can see In the media often about the same sports. Maybe, football as the popular and most views on the web. Also Tennis with Wimbledon as the highlight can also count on a lot of interest. However, the most watched and the popular sports video this year 2019 on YouTube of a gymnastics exercises of Katelyn – 10.0 on Floor Exercise (1-12-19)

Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) Perfect Ten NEW Floor Routine 2019

UCLA star Katelyn Ohashi scores a 9.950 in her final floor performance at the NCAA Championships on Saturday in Fort Worth, Texas. Overall, the Bruins finished third behind LSU and Oklahoma, which took the NCAA title.

Her acrobatics are impressive and the choreography absolutely perfect.She does not hesitate to show her personality. This wonderful young woman fought against prejudice and comments about her body. She would be too fat and not look like a gymnast, says Relieved.

I wish the elite gymnasts were this much fun to watch. Clearly getting out of elite and competing at college level is SO good for SO many of these women – and brings out their talent and joy more – she’s amazing! Landing in a splits and just bouncing up just defies physics!! I struggle to just stand up off the floor .

Top Katelyn Ohashi routines

You can tell the difference between professional and college gymnastics, she has so much more fun competing at the college level, she gets to dance and show her personality, whereas professional she had to pack it full of difficulty instead of personality

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