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The worlds largest tropical forest Amazon on Fire

Amazonas rainforest today fire the danger of Brazilian Amazon Fires

The Forest Amazon on Fire today, Pray for Amazonas .This is so heartbreaking.. look at what we have done.. we can’t keep doing this anymore. The Amazonia rainforest is 20% of our oxygen ! 20%, you know how much that is right ?! This is gonna infect everything and everyone, it’s not okay !

Brasil is bigger than Notre Dame, has the biggest oi diversity in Latin America and the biggest number of animal diversity next to Madagascar. The Rain forest is the holy land of the native people and home to 427 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, 378 species of reptiles, and more than 400 species of amphibians.

The Amazon basin, the largest in the world, covers about 40% of South America, an area of approximately 7,050,000 square kilometres (2,722,020 sq mi). Brasil has the biggest quantity of drinkable water in the world and the biggest part is in Amazonia! Please, share this post… we need to do something!! #prayforamazonia #amazonia

Pray for Amazonas

Amazon Fires today

We have to spread the word, tell the firefighters that they have to come together and do something ! You don’t wanna die like this right ? No, me neither. So please, do something, spread the word ! Safe us, the amazonia rainforest and our home ! Please, we can’t keep doing this shit anymore.


The Amazon is burning and smoke from the fires can be seen from space

Brazil’s Amazon rain-forest witnesses a report-range of fires this year. A whole-range of 72,843 fires detected so a ways by using Brazil’s space-lookup center INPE. The surge marks an 83% increase on the equal period in 2018.

Concerns develop over the President Jair Bolsonaro’s environmental policy. While, the Conservationists blamed the president, saying he has influenced loggers and farmers to clear the land… 

forest Amazon on Fire

Smoke from the fires has prompted a blackout in the metropolis of Sao Paulo on Monday. However, Brazil’s area-lookup core said that the satellite whole of 9,507 new forest fires in the us of a considering the fact that Thursday.

Most fires were in the Amazon basin which is world’s largest tropical wooded area and viewed as quintessential to countering global warming, in Bolsonaro Amazon Fires Brazil .

It really breaks my heart seeing the great amazon on fire. So devastating💔 Now tell me how can we get enough oxygen with those burning trees?

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