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The tallest sand castle in the World in Germany Duisburg

German city claims Guinness World Record for world’s tallest sand castle

Never you thought or imagine beach towns have the monopoly on sand castles?who is The tallest sand castle in the world ?where is The tallest sand castle ? An international team of sand artists has built the world’s tallest sandcastle in Germany after the city’s attempt failed last year. Video

It happens in Germany Duisburg city in 2017 they claimed the world record for the world’s tallest sandcastle. The biggest city’s sand castle, which stands at 16.68 meters, won the big prize after a Guinness World Record jury judged . 

The sand castle used 3,860 tons of sand and took more than three weeks to build. The structure was sculpted by a team of designers from 10 countries, incorporating imagery from around the world. 

After this Prize,fortunately, a contender for the world’s highest sandcastle was measured by representatives from Guinness World Records in Duisburg, Friday, however fell short of breaking the record due to a part of the structure which crashed last week.

Sky-High Sand Castle Looking Up at World Record pictures

The tallest sand castle in the World epic and buzz news
The tallest sand castle in the World epic and buzz news

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