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The Speed Stacking King Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records,Speed Stacking King

Fastest time to complete 30 individual 3-6-9 Sports stacking stacks Bendik Amo From Norway 1:33:55 second. I can do that game too in less than an 10 hours and you ?!

Bendik Åmo (Norway) broke the record for being the Speed Stacking King ,the Fastest time to complete 30 sports stacking stacks in Copenhagen, Denmark!

This is like When you want play video games but your mother want that you clean up table.Watch this sport stacker set a lightning-fast cups – the King of stacking.

I would like to know how bored Bendik Åmo was to learn it, I mean, that’s cool, but … well, you can spend time in many different ways to learn something useful and you chose to became a Cup House Master.

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