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How Michael Jackson did Anti-Gravity dance ,the leaning dance move epicandbuzz.com

The Secret of Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity dance

How Michael Jackson did Anti-Gravity dance ,the leaning dance move?

How to Micheal jakson anti gravity move ? Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity dance

The shoes provided the leverage. but the strength requires would still very high, coupled with the muscle control required to do it a smoothly as this is amazing.

For truth. Running out of stamina and falling over in shoes like those would mean almost certain injury – either a broken, twisted or sprained ankle.

I’d be curious to know how many times they had to swap out backup dancers because of that. Even with the shoes, you would still need a lot of strength to keep that rigid.

I’m guessing they reinforce the ankle and shin, so the shoe would act as a spring and help absorb most of the weight. Otherwise it would be very hard to lift yourself back up using only the calf muscles. A spring brace would make it easier to lean smoothly as well as vet back up.

Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity dance is about practice ?

Well if you do it enough times in practice, it would work easily. Also if you notice he is the only perfectly straight when doing it, so that tells you he did it over and over again until they got it right, while the backup dancers did the best they could to keep it straight with the practice they had.

Doctors analyze Michael Jackson’s anti-gravity dance

Three neurosurgeons (admitted to being Michael Jackson fans) from the Chandigarh Institute of Graduate Studies in Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, India.

Nishant Yajnik, Mangol Tripathi and Sandeep Mohindra – revisited how the King of Pop achieved a 45 degree tilt while keeping his spine straight, not Only on video, but in live performances around the world.

“Many Michael Jackson fans, including the authors, have tried to replicate this step and have failed, often infecting themselves with their endeavors,” wrote the paper, published in the journal Neurosurgery. Trained dancers can tilt forward at a maximum of 25 to 30 degrees, but even in this case, it can seriously strain the Achilles tendon.

How did Michael Jackson got this move?

the video explain how is the trick of Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity dance Move

If someone tries to imitate Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity dance move’s forward-tilt motion in the Smoother Criminal video, they will notice that the pain will affect the Achilles tendon in the ankle of the feet rather than the backbone muscles in the back.

This allows for a limited forward tilt, even if the dancer is on the same level as Michael Jackson in dance, said Professor Tribathi.

The research team said that Michael Jackson was able to tilt forward in degrees of mile addition to the result of wearing special shoes.

The shoe was fitted with a v-shaped cavity. The cavity was used to fix the shoe with a screw in the ground, allowing Jackson to tilt more.

The researchers also said that before the creation of this special shoe, Jackson was dependent on the behavior and levers fixed on the waist to induce the tilt of about 45 degrees.

The team said Jackson and two other Hollywood stars borrowed the shoe idea from astronauts whose shoes were fixed with special rods when there was no gravity.

The researchers believe that even with the use of special shoes and levers installed in the waist, the movement of dance performed by Jackson is very difficult and needs to strength muscle and physical high.

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