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the secrect of how to manipulate people by epicandbuzz

The secret of how to manipulate and read people

How to Read manipulate and read people ?

How to Read manipulate and read people, is easy. You must “listen”, “observe” and “deduce motivation”…Trust me, everyone is a part of their experience, desires and worries, and every person gives away little clues all the time…

Watch for them, keep them in mind, and the “underlying structure” will eventually become apparent…..Very few of us are as “subtle” as we like to think we are…

More people try to regulate the “image” they present to the world, the more the “real them” seeps around the edges. It’s these “unguarded” moments you’ve got to keep an eye open for.

Don”t ask How to Read manipulate and read people but Always you have to ask yourself: “WHY would they say that?”. “Why” is the key.

Can you ask your self “Why” people can “lie” ? is PARTICULARLY telling….what are they trying to hide?

Generally, it’s something fatuous like they’re trying to make themselves seem more “interesting” or “important” than they actually are…or maybe they’re in denial about something.

here a video of technique of How to Read manipulate and read people ?is that true ?

How to Read manipulate and read people ?

WHY do they feel the NEED to do this?

WHY do they feel the NEED to do this to YOU?

Do they feel inferior to you? Do they KNOW you’re observing?

“Turns of phrase” can be the source of a wealth of information, too.

For example, they can tell you such things as age, gender, provenance, education level,it’s the social engineering, whether the person is a free-thinker or whether they’re part of the “group-think”, cultural milieu, whether they fancy themselves as “intelligent”, or whether they actually ARE “intelligent”, etc, etc.

A pinch of humility doesn’t hurt, either. All the “observation” and “analysis” in the world won’t help you if you’ve simply “jumped to the wrong conclusion”. “Reading people” is an art, not a science….how you “interpret” someone else is ALWAYS going to be “coloured” by your own “feelings on the matter”. No-one is “immune” to this…

Forget the bullshit the “psychologists” tell you – it’s a pseudo-science, anyway – You can’t “measure” any system without “changing” it.

Anyway, I could ramble on for hours about this. The Key Points are “observe”, “remember”, and “WHY?”.

The Clues are all there if you care to notice and interpret them. Maybe, if you’re feeling ambitious, you could devise a little test to see if someone reacts in the expected way, to confirm a suspicion…

People, I warn you to use How to Read manipulate and read people ?

warning by epicandbuzz

This life is a lonely one. Making everything a chess game, pushing emotions aside, manipulating people for your own selfish goals, it’s a terrible life that will never bring true happiness.

Yeah, it can make you rich and powerful but if you don’t have anyone that you actually care about, someone you can be real and completely truthful with, you will forever be alone and no amount of money or power can change that.

This is a warning from someone who never opens up and when he does is cold and calculating with nobody getting me to open up fully.

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