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The oceans are glowing blue a show happened in California

This incredible rare phenomenal show happened in California

Quarantine , amazing how quickly nature is bouncing back and thriving while we’re home indoors. The oceans are glowing blue. Obviously because the oceans are celebrating that we humans aren’t there to pollute its waters

The tranquility of the sea and the absence of people around due to the #quarantine , have allowed these bio-luminescent micro-algae to reappear, transforming the waves and making them glow a neon blue color that allows us to enjoy this amazing show on some Pacific coasts.

Just imagine what nature would do if we let if be free for one year.

Why in this case California’s beaches are glowing with bio-luminescence

Behind this show, which seems from another world, there is a scientific explanation. Bio-luminescence occurs when living organisms in seawater create this brilliant light, after a series of biochemical reactions involving an enzyme, Lucifer. Oxygen is responsible for oxidizing the substrate (a protein called luciferin); Luciferase then accelerates the reaction and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), transforming chemical energy into light energy.

This was a common sight in the late sixties when washing detergents added phosphates to their formula. Phosphorus serves as a growth medium (fertilizer) and is quickly taken up by one called organisms. The rapid growth of these flagellates is fueled by ‘organic’ material in the water.

The oceans are glowing blue in Southern California. But why? Michael I. Latz, PH. D. of Scripps Institution of Oceanography explains what we are seeing and how rare of an occurrence it is. Check the video

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