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The man who makes art while he is asleep

At the age of four, Lee Hadwin began to discover he has a hidden creative talent while he sleeps ,Make art while he is asleep. By the morning, a new piece of artwork has been created and he has no memory of doing it. You Will Find the video Bellow.

I wished i could be able to do that,all my homework done,pass much a level art by finishing my project in just a few months.

The Artist Lee Hadwin has a really unique hobby or talent while he is sleeping – Lee can only be creative and produce his artwork when he is asleep.

Lee cannot remember anything or what he did last produced art while he is asleep, and he can’t recreate again what he worked while he is awake.

Could this be a rare example of what incredible activities our brains can perform while we’re asleep?

The famous Lee Hadwin, who innovated the amazing paintings in his sleep, has changed an art gallery into his sleeping room for an exhibition of his work.

The man who makes art while he is asleep ,Art while asleep , credit @cascadenews.co.uk
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Lee most of the time wakes up with hard migraines after a night’s of drawing and can be kaput as a result, he says it has been like a nightmare.

Mr Lee, originally from UK Wales but now he is living in London with his partner, has been for many tests at the Edinburgh Sleep Clinic with experts going back over his school work to see if he is lying.

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