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Meet The Man Who's Sexually Attracted To Balloons

The Man Who Is Sexually Attracted To Balloons

Ever since he was four years old, Julius has been in love with balloons.

Meet Julius the Strange sexual addiction Man with balloons.He has 62-year old, the attachment is both sexual and emotional, in spite of that, Julius is Sexually Attracted To Balloons ,he said no issue with this hilarious strange addiction as it does not hurt no one including himself.

What interests me is the psychology behind it all. What would have been a non-event in someone else’s life has had such a profound effect on him. Amazing stuff.

Julius sexually Attracted To Balloons – Video

Well, at least it’s just balloons and not children, the craziest thing is that he has a wife! Good for him and having a good support system. He managed to live this way for 54 years, there is no point in changing it now, he seems happy just let him do his thing like he said ” it does not hurt no one” .

His wife refused to participate in the filming Imagine sleeping and hearing a balloon burst that would be terrifying.

Honestly,we can say let him love his balloons, considering some of the stuff ,you can get addicted to like cocaine, meth, LSD and so on, I think getting addicted to balloons is a much better outcome. Sure it’s a bit weird but come on, humans are weird by default.

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