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The Biggest dog in the world

The biggest dog in the world You Have Never Seen Before

Dogs are so pretty and can be a great friend for human. The biggest dog they do require a lot of care more than the normal ones. Include the quantity of food, walking outside, big spaces to live and medical staff. Meet the top biggest dog in the world. Despite their large size they are not dangerous and many children would be happy to have them as pets.

Number one is Lizzie

Lizzie is the winner of the 2017 Guinness World Record title by providing a crow for herself as the world’s biggest dog, she’s really incredibly big and beautiful, but do not be afraid this huge large white Danish with black spots can be an impressive 3.16 feet tall.

Lizzy one of biggest dog in the world
Lizzy one of biggest dog in the world

According to Greg, Lizzy has always been exceptionally tall.


His tender loves children and above all loves to walk a lot in parks to get petted of course, she gets a bit playful she is able to stand on two legs and measure up to almost 6.56 feet, she knows she becomes the center of attention everywhere that she goes with her owner Greg sample, who loves to pamper her she is the cocky one in the house.

Number Two the hairy Hong Dong the most expensive dog in the world

He looks like a teddy bear ,our furry friend Hong dong a beautiful Tibetan Mastiffs who was over 3.3 feet tall and weighs 178.6 pounds, he is not famous just cause of is one of the largest and heaviest dog in the world, but also the most expensive dog in the world, when sold to the astounding price of 1.9 million dollars to a Chinese businessman, just as you heard it almost two million dollars for a dog we do not deny that Hong Dong is a beautiful reddish canine but would you pay that huge sum to have him?  

Hong Dong one of biggest and expensive dog in the world
Hong Dong one of biggest and expensive dog in the world

Number 3 is Hulk the indestructible although a single bite can rip your arm

Hulk is one of the strongest dog in the world an imposing American pitbull that jumped of Fame not because of its aggressiveness but because of its shocking size, at more than 176.4 pounds.

Hulk consumes more than 4.4 pounds of the city’s best ground beef daily along with dietary supplements to give it all the strength, it needs to make the most of its workouts ,it weighs more then three times more than any other pit bull and is more than 5.3 feet long from the tip of its nose to the tip of its energetic tail.

its exceptional features it is estimated that it would cost more than $250,000 that is a quarter of a million dollars.

Hulk is the strongest dog in the world

Number 4 –Zorba – The World’s Largest Dog Ever Lived

Zorba was owned by Chris Eraclides of London, England. Aicama Zorba of La-Susa or Zorba was a male Old English Mastiff. If you know or there are any large dogs that are well known in the world,you can search and you will find this name Zorba, is probably one of them.

Huge that he won a lot of first places in the Guinness Book of Records, he won the world’s heaviest dog at 343.92 pounds and measured 8 feet 3 inches long to his nose to his tail and stood 37 inches at the shoulder. He was recorded in the books as Aicama Zorba in November 1989 at the age of 8 years old, he also took the title as the longest dog in the world.

Zorba The World's Largest Dog
Zorba The World’s Largest Dog

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