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Ten AWESOME and INSANE People World Records

AWESOME and INSANE People World Records

Here you can find Ten awesome People “World Records” above and beyond all expectations and limitation of whats physically possible and impossible!

In this Article, you can take a look at AWESOME and INSANE People World Records that completed crazy and just plain insane stunts to win the challenge!

Now some people will go to extreme lengths to be awarded and arrived to the world record, some will even go as far as to risk their own life ,so with that said here are our picks for the top ten most dangerous world records .

For this list we’ll be taking a look at world records that are considered the most dangerous due to their life-threatening nature so brace yourselves, because we’re about to see some Amazing world records that defy all safety regulations now if you like these kind of videos.

Watch the video of world record amazing people

Spoliers! (in order)

  • 10. Longest time in ice
  • 9. Highest ski jump
  • 8. Catching spears underwater
  • 7. Man covered in bee’s
  • 6. Guy charging into ice blocks
  • 5. Running through glass
  • 4. Guy carrying car on head
  • 3. Human ramp
  • 2. Restraining four motorbikes
  • 1. Highest free-fall jump

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