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Swimmers Shocked by Huge Shark

The share is finally hook free by humanity

We were vacationing and walking along the pier when we spotted this huge Hammerhead shark right on the shallow beach area where everyone was swimming. You have to be a brave man to untangle a hook from a hammerhead shark!

helping Huge Hammerhead Shark

Hooks rust out of a fish’s mouth and generally 3 weeks or so this was totally unnecessary they risked their lives to supposedly save one shark while at the same time 60 billion of them were being caught.

I applaud for humanity. Thank you, mysterious shark rescue, Watch this video

You have to be a brave man to untangle a hook from a hammerhead shark!

The share is finally hook free

Some People said : there is no need to drag a shark out of the water to wrestle a fish hook out of its mouth, the hook will eventually fall out itself, you are actually putting the shark in harms way bringing him out of the water not to mention the significant risk to the people around.

How fishing hooks fall out from fish teeth

Great they did this and all but it was unnecessary. Here’s a lil education for you all…..almost all fishing hooks made nowadays will rust thru and fall out of said sharks mouth in about a month…..salt water is a very good corrosive when it comes to metal…..plus they said it was stuck in the teeth…..for all of you who skipped biology classes….sharks teeth fall out on the regular…..they are made to do that……so if it was lodged between 2 teeth it would of dislodged on its own.

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