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Swamp Buggy Not Allowed to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

This officer needs to be relieved of his duty, Hurricane Harvey Victims

The 2020 Atlantic Storm season doesn’t begin until June 1, but already there’s there’s the first named storm. Tropical Storm Arthur came into being Saturday night.

I totally get the fact the officer is upset and stressed because his house is flooded but to take it out on civilians is not professional nor right. When you wear that uniform you represent your community and you put your community first.Public servants aren’t supposed to be selfish and self servant like that. It’s his job to help other over his own needs.

Watch the video of Swamp Buggy Not Allowed to Help Hurricane Harvey Victim

I would have told him if another disaster comes your way I will stay home and not bother to do rescues.

Seen a video of several monster trucks coming from Texas to help out , they all got ran off too ! Cops said the didn’t want to have rescue them also and made them leave , these big trucks helped more people than the cops sitting on dry land doing nothing.

Why the cop act this way

I always see these videos start in the middle. The cop called them over there for a reason. The reason could still be stupid and wrong. But we never get the whole story.

Police act this way because we allow them to. We let them get away with murder and let them keep their jobs despite gross negligence and corruption. It’s time to hold the accountable for their actions and fire the ones who act out of anger.

Maybe he was having a bad day…still no excuse for that. I think there should be a panel of citizens vote every officer in or deny them. Should be like jury duty and we the people get to decide who is capable of serving us.

Swamp Buggy Not Allowed to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims Source: Viral Hog

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