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Surprise 5 years old boy found driving in Utah on the highway

5-year-old boy as a surprise pulled over while driving in Utah

A 5-year-old boy who was pulled over in the highway Utah as a surprise for the officer ,say he was on his way to California to buy a Lamborghini with US$3 in his pocket.His driving was not all that bad. See, video games do teach you something!

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper made one of the most weird and unique traffic stops of his career this week.

The officer’s completely disbelief and shocked when he saw who is driving the car lmfao!! HOW OLD ARE YOU??!He was driving to California to purchase a Lamborghini. He had $3 in his pocket… You can get a better deal in California.”Kid ready to live his dreams in this pandemic crisis I don’t blame him.

Wow he even signaled and stopped. I’m surprised the kid got all the way to highway and didn’t get killed or anything.

His mother said : The boy left alone after fighting with his mother, she said ” I will never buy a luxury car for you”.

Ambitious and fearless! Hope you get that Lamborghini someday lil bud! Make that 3 bucks into 3 million! 👍🏼

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