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Incredible Moments Dad Saved the Child

SUPERMAN DADS – Fathers Save Their Children At The Last Minute

These incredible moments when DAD SAVES CHILD!!

Those Incredible Moments Dad Saved the Child dad reflex” saves the day proves that dads are superheroes.DAD SAVES CHILD!! | *must watch* | SUPERMAN Father !! Father Saves Their Children at The last Minute Superman Dads!

Dad’s using their superhero powers to protect and save their children. Watch these awesome fathers and their close saves. Go dad skills! Enjoy this compilation of dad saves the day, dad saving kids, dad saves baby, dad skills, awesome parents, lucky kids, and close calls.

Crazy how many of these saves happen while the Dad is either passed out or not looking and he just snaps awake or moves to help without looking. That parental Instinct is crazy.

Most video Incredible Moments When Dad Saved the Child watch

The one where the dad got hit by the car for the kid was the best and also the ice one. And I know my dad would do that for me in any situation.

My experience with Incredible Moments Dad Saved the Child

One time I saved a little girl but broke my leg and my hand cause that little girl was going after her spring toy on the street and than a car came and I saw it and I pushed her away and I was under the car but I still was happy that the little girl save was.

When i was around 3 or 4 years old,i was out with my mom and dad. We we’re buying some stuff and while going back home my parents saw someone they knew,they we’re talking with them and i started running around.

Then,i wanted to cross the streets and fell down. I still remember looking at left,seeing a huge black car that was about to kill me. Thankfully,my dad saw me and ran towards me then grabbed my hand and dragged me off the streets.

My shoulder was dislocated because of how strong my dad pulled me but if he didn’t do that,today,i wouldn’t be typing this. I love you dad

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