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Protester grabs Kamala Harris is microphone on stage

Protester rushes kamala harris on stage, grabs microphone

Protester grabs Kamala Harris Props to Karine Jean-Pierre ! She jumped up to defend the senator without hesitation! Some people have to feign bravery. It comes instinctively to her. The sister helped her,while her husband Watched.This is waking call for all future occasions/gatherings as such. Where is the security? A scary incident that should NEVER BE ALLOWED to happen ever again.

When the protester went and jumped into a stage and take off the microphone from Sen. Kamala Harris at Move On’s Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco. BLACK WOMEN TO THE RESCUE ALL TIMES .

Her Name is Karine Jean-Pierre, she was about to turn on that Haitian switch real-quick she got up so fast ,check the video .


Why are they giving props to her husband? Woman in pink had zero fear and backed kamala up immediately…

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