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People asked how I was feeling after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

how I was feeling after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

 A few people asked how I was feeling after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, so I thought I would do a little updated.

Yesterday, My feeling after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is fine. About four hours post vaccination, my deltoid was a touch sore at the injection site. I was also a little tired with a very minor headache—not sure if that’s because I work night shift or from the vaccine itself. Otherwise, no other symptoms to report.

Today, I woke up sore all over. However, I did go skiing for the first time this season a couple of days ago. My deltoid feels fine. When I touch it, it’s sore… Otherwise, I don’t feel it at all (so, I’ll stop touching it now).

Matter of fact, after being up, taking a shower, and stretching, I feel 100%… No extra fingers or toes and no zombie-like characteristics (no more than usual anyways).
What to expect: Pre shot, you are asked if you have COVID-19 symptoms. Yes: reschedule. No: good for the vaccine.

How is the vaccine shot

 💉 The shot itself is painless… I almost didn’t feel it at all. Post vaccination, you’re monitored for 15-30 mins for any immediate allergic reactions. None for me!

I will say that if you have any severe food or medication allergies, you should consult your doctor prior to getting the vaccine and have your epi-pen on hand. There has been a few instances of anaphylaxis, which isn’t out of the ordinary but still important to note.

Important to be in touch with your doctor

Afterwards, you self monitor your symptoms and report them daily. I just did my daily check in with V-safe (after vaccine health checker), which will hopefully offers even more evidence based information on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. Yay science! 🦠
All and all, I’m grateful I was vaccinated, and I feel great today! 
Here’s the ending this pandemic, some normalcy, and seeing friends and family again. 🍻❤

More information : https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/criteria-for-covid-19-vaccine-prioritization

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