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People Are Awesome vs FailArmy ,never give up

You can’t do anything awesome without a few spills along the way

People Are Awesome vs FailArmy Good to see both cause we know it takes practice , No matter success or failed, they’re all wonderful! Perseverance is the name of the game!!! I admire all those that try!!

The Agony and the Ecstasy! Practice, practice and never give up.
Some have it some needs more practice !


The meaning of People Are Awesome vs FailArmy is everyone has to go through bad time before he/she reaches excellence.. , all about practice and never give up , you know what’s awesome? They all ‘Tried’ … , This is the important thing.

They are Crazy some people very talented but others not so much , the difference is not about talent , maybe about materials, inspiration, about love of what they do or maybe it can be a gift from God to them.

That’s why you see an awesome trick and decide your going to try to do it and it doesn’t end well but some people they can do it easy without practice and experience.

Some people look like they got broken ,some of them had muscles problem and some of them died. Now go ask the ones that did it right how many times they wiped out before they got it.

Here in this video ,you can see what i would say , injoy watching People Are Awesome vs FailArmy .facebook page:

What the point of this video People are awesome vs failarmy People are awesome gives us wins video and failarmy gives us a fails video theirs for most of us .

A big Part of Succeeding!!! Is Failing!!! We Absolutely Learn Lot More When We Fail !!! Pain is my teacher!!! TRUST ME

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