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When is the father day 2019

Not only Mothers Day – When is fathers day in 2019

I Love My Daddy, Happy Fathers Day Song a gift for your father so When is fathers day in 2019 ?

We will answer in this part When is fathers day in 2019 ? Father’s Day takes place on the third Sunday of June. For the year 2019, Father’s Day falls on June 16th. Officially introduced by a decree in 1952, this celebration was aimed at restoring the balance between fathers and mothers since moms already enjoyed an official holiday. We offer a little history of Father’s Day around the world, as well as ideas to celebrate your dad.

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Father’s Day in the USA

The current version of Father’s Day, however, owes much to the party born in the United States in the early twentieth century, at the initiative of Sonora Smart Dodd. Wanting to emphasize the merit of her father who, alone since widowhood, raised her with her many brothers and sisters, this grateful girl proposed a celebration similar to that of Mother’s Day. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge was in favor of creating a national day dedicated to fathers.

Happy Fathers Day from an adult / teenager

My dear dad,

On this Father’s Day, I send you a ton of kisses and mountains of hugs. And do not forget, you’re my hero! “

“Dear daddy,

We do not often have the opportunity to see us, which I regret. That’s why I take Father’s Day to write you a few words. I would like to express to you these essential things that we never have the opportunity to say to each other …

You assumed your role of father with tenderness and firmness. I have sometimes found you severe, but over time, it is clear that you were right to be. I could not have a better father than you. I kiss you, happy birthday dad.

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