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Manny Pacquiao The world Boxing champion built 1000 homes for poor Filipinos

Manny Pacquiao The world Boxing champion built 1000 homes for poor Filipinos

Amazing Speed and Power at 40 Manny Pacquiao Eye of the Tiger help Poor people

After earning millions in his career, Manny Pacquiao the boxer who has the eye of tiger and politician used part of his winnings to build homes for 1,000 poor families in his hometown. is more than a world-class athlete or a Filipino politician.

He is a compassionate activist who has paid 1,000 homes to build to help poor families in his hometown.

Earlier this year, Pacquiao proclaimed its good action on Facebook:and he said :

“I am so happy to give all my attention free to my constituents of Sarangani province these houses that more than a thousand families are the beneficiaries”.

The Star reports that the “neo-Christian” was inspired to help poor families after the trick with Floyd Mayweather.

Although he lost the boxing match, he still earned millions of dollars in the “fight of the century” and felt it was his duty to give back.

Famous People Help Poor people

He wrote:

“As faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms, each of you should use the gift you have received to serve others.
I am still building more because I still believe what the Bible says to offer hospitality to one another without murmuring.
The act of compassion can only be a calculated political movement, but nevertheless, 1,000 families have secure living spaces thanks to the generosity of the senator.

We believe it is worth celebrating.

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