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Magician Eric Chien Could Be The Best On in The World

Story of the Magician Eric Chien

WOW! Magician Eric Chien 26 years Old a magician from Houston Texas ,he is growing up by loving watching magic shows on TV ,it did make him believe that there is magic out there in the world. He told everyone that he is going to be a famous magician ,a lot of people doubted him and some of them didn’t believe in him, but now the magic makes his dream magic.

During the show ,he blows minds with his epic card and coin tricks. Our jaws are on the FLOOR, Eric told the story of his life representing also magic .

Magician Eric Chien is one of the best magician in the world, everyone is excited to his next great performance .

magic performance levels:

  • 2*EXPERT
  • 3*MASTER
  • 4*ASIAN

Talent doesn’t need sad or sob stories. He just won Asia’s Got Talent and here he is again. Thanks for representing Asia on America’s Got Talent 2019, it’s so good to see the Magician Eric performing at such an amazing international platforms. he will win all his rounds! This guy is genuinely talented! .

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