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Krasnoyarsk region – where a weapons store is exploding at a military base

A huge explosion in an ammunition depot in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

5 Russian nuclear engineers buried after military site explosion

Russia confirms nuclear powered engine exploded at naval station…. Soldiers on the base are hiding in bomb shelters as fire fighters use armoured vehicles for protection .

Crazy pictures from Krasnoyarsk region – where a weapons store is exploding at a military base….

A accident involving a suspected nuclear power unit for a Russian cruise missile NATO designation SSC-X-9 “Skyfall” occured at the Nenoska Missile Test Site off the coast of northwest Russia. Significant radiation spike detected at time of incident and drastic anti-radiation measures taken by Russian personnel fuel speculation that nuclear radiation was released and many details covered up by the Putin government.

5 killed and 8 injured in #explosions at an ammunition depot in Russia’s #Krasnoyarsk region on Tue, local media reported .

Russian Nuclear Explosion 2019 / What Happened ?

Military warehouses exploded in Krasnoyarsk region of Russia. Ongoing evacuation of Kamyanka village of Achinsk district Matteo Salvini, Italy’s de facto leader, is on the verge of gaining new powers to curb immigration while tightening his grip on the government .

An explosion at an ammunition depot in the Achinsk District of the KrasnoyarskRegion, Russia today. The districts within the impact zone of about 11,000 People, are now being evacuated.

First Russia claimed their mushroom cloud explosion was just a gas leak but now they are admitting it was actually a nuclear reactor that blew. Watch this clip to see what this incident has in common with the airspace at Are 51.

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