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Joseph Tidd 👋One Handed Two Year Old Spreading Awareness
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Joseph Tidd One Handed Two Year Old Spreading Awareness

Photo of a soccer player sharing her similarity with one-year-old fan Joseph Tidd goes viral.

Looking back at the day we went in for Joseph Tidds ultrasound, I remember how quiet the room was and how the tech said “the doctor will review and call you if needed”. It felt odd, but in the moment we were excited to share the news that we were having a baby boy!

A day later we found out about our right hand man. We shared the shocking news with close family and friends immediately but it took us a month to share with others. We did it by posting this picture and telling this story.

One Handed Two Year Old Spreading Awareness, if you can’t tell she makes me smile, double chin and all.Not everyone is born the same.

We all have our own differences. I have a weird left rib that comes out of my lower chest making it look like a bump. When my wife saw it for the first time she could not help but wonder and ask me about it. It’s not a deficiency. It’s simply genetics.

Joseph Tidd

Joseph Tidd Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiddbit_outta_hand/

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