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Insane celebrity actors body chage


If you are actor from Hollywood movie theater you have to be one of the INSANE CELEBRITY BODY TRANSFORMATIONS, actors have to change their appearance to act in a movie times for movie showtimes and not in movies out in theaters.

Sometimes they have They change all the look to funny , serious, poor … etc .They change hair, get green skin with the help of a make-up artist, or even conduct experiments with their own weight.

INSANE CELEBRITY BODY TRANSFORMATIONS, everyone knows it can affect their health and body, but actors would do anything for a great role, right? these actors went from obesity or being really skinny back to looking like a body builder multiple times ,Money can change everything.

So when i go to the movie theaters near me , and watch some of those actors ,i ask my self how and why i’can’t do that.

It is a rare phenomenon that actors walk around all of the time looking like a shredded bodybuilder. The images you see are the culmination of: near starvation diets, dehydration, over-training and months of endless obsessive nutrition and exercise. Very few people can maintain extreme physiques for prolonged amounts of time.

Just would like to point out that professional photos of actors with extremely thin waists and extremely defined abs don’t showcase the real nor healthy look. They dehydrate themselves so that the water weight in their body is near to none. Wrestlers, boxers, MMA fighters, all do the same thing for weigh-ins or appearances.

Everyone can see the result of such experiments, because often actors who have undergone physical changes for the sake of a role become unrecognizable! You don’t believe us?

Also There is a lot of graphic engineering on the screen they are so tricked up, they become almost realistic looking animations, it actually brilliant, remember all the amazing engineering in Avatar.

Steroids play a massive part for the men to get ripped and drugs to lose weight. Now im not saying they don t work hard because even taking steroids you have to train hard steroids just help you train for longer and recover faster.

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