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incredible kid or Mini Bruce Lee? Ryusei Imai is a prodigy and talented

That kid Ryusei ‘Ryuji’ Imai Mini Bruce Lee is an 8-year-old martial arts is already so good….

SUPER Baby or Mini Bruce Lee? Ryusei Imai is a prodigy. He is incredible,Next Bruce Lee Kid , awesome boy from Japan with amazing martial skills. Can you imagine him as an adult if he keeps training and honing his skills like this. Teaching him Juijitsu and Wrestling as well. And you have a future UFC champ.

A MARTIAL artist is perfectly imitating the lightning fast fighting techniques of Bruce Lee – and he’s just eight years old. Child prodigy Ryusei Imai amazed his parents when they saw him start to swing his kid-sized nun-chucks in time with his idol on screen when he was only four years old. Now, Ryusei, from Nara City, Japan, is throwing fists and high kicks like a mini master.

One-handed press ups, walking on his fists, pull ups and forward flips are just some of the moves in Ryusei’s repertoire – as in order to achieve speed, agility and control akin to that of the iconic fighter, Ryusei must train like few other eight-year-olds.

“I’ve watched his movies since I was one year old and tried to be like him. I made a lot of mistakes at the start, like I couldn’t get the exact timing. Sometimes I was too fast, sometimes too slow, but I’m getting better and better.

Now I can imitate his moves along with the movies,” Ryusei told Barcroft TV.

Provided they take care of his joints and attitude tow

ards other living beings; I salute his parents!

Hopefully he uses his powers for good and not evil.

That is one bad*ss little kid!! I love that his parents aren’t pushing him!! You can tell this kid truly enjoys what he’s doing! It would be pretty awesome to see him in movies, he is quite talented!! He will be a champion because of his passion and dedication!!

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