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If you think your subway ride is weird – Moroccans taking a SHOWER on a BUS

Moroccans taking a SHOWER on a BUS

Moroccans taking a SHOWER on a BUS : It’s a Most Weirdest fact that few people have Done such horrific thing. Most appropriate way to describe that “it was a Below Belt Act” and Afterwards Such things are Highlighted and Exploited by Outsider’s.Watch the video Bellow.

Moroccans taking a SHOWER on a BUS : Now Sodo scholar’s would show up and would blame Either Race/ethnicity or Even Worse Religion… To those I have a thing to Say ” Why Don’t you judge yourself first before other’s..
Not Everyone are like that … It’s easy to Play Blame Game Dear… So Be Mature and stop Judging a place by seeing only from one aspect… 

It’s just a part of a short film and people gives their opinions like they were with them in the bus, also they cleaned the bus with water when they finished recording after asking the permission from the company and the driver.

These guys were shooting a short film. They had already asked permission from the driver and the passengers. Later on they would be arrested after the spread of this video. They were not charged for any misconduct. I think it was like a protest for the wonderfull conditions in the public transport

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