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How to do the Chinese bent finger challenge and trick!

How to do the chinese Finger Bend Tutorial challenge

My brain is a little confused on what finger is what when in this position – Finger Bend Tutorial

People are bending their fingers in bizarre ways to take part in the finger challenge. This is a step by step Finger Bend Tutorial on how to recreate the bent finger trick photo originally released by KRAKS TV, a radio station, on Twitter that went huge in China but hasn’t really made it to America, yet.

that moment when you have clinodactyly and it already looks like you have broken bones

by Me

Here is a tutorial/instructional video on how you can bend your pinky finger. There is no gimmick and requires only your hands and practice. I hope this works for you. Let me know if you have any problems.

Explanation of Finger Bend Tutorial challenge

Ok, so you are not really bending your finger. What you are doing is just pulling it back and giving it a curve. Then you bend it to the right or left. The bend isn’t much but it is definitely enough to get the good bending affect. The first 2 steps help this “Illusion” work. If you were to look at this from the back it wouldn’t look very convincing, because it’s a bad angle. So pull back, curve up, bend to the right or left and you should be done. If it doesn’t work right away try stretching your fingers, and it should start to work after awhile.

Comment with a picture of your first Try

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