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How Jay-Z becomes the first billionaire rapper

Superstar Jay-Z is the first billionaire rapper

The Famous Rapper Jay-Z said “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business. cause I’m a Man .That’s How Jay-Z becomes the first billionaire rapper , seems he was right , cause he profit of his fortune to change his style in investment.

Jay-Z rapper is not just a rapper also additionally he is a fashion trendsetter, a streaming music mogul, a sports manager, a company owner and a big business man. Mr. Beyonce Knowles. Some of his Fortune.

Where the first rapper million Jay-Z invest his fortune

  1. a $70M stake in Uber
  2. his ownership of the streaming service Tidal
  3. his $70M art collection
  4. his ownership of the Roc Nation sports management company
  5. $50M in assorted real estate holdings and his music catalog.

All that has helped him to Jay-Z becomes the first billionaire rapper , in line with Forbes.Less than a decade later, it’s clear that Jay-Z has accumulated a fortune that cautiously totals $1 billion, creating him one among-st solely some of entertainers to become a billionaire—and the primary hip-hop creative person to try and do thus.

Jay-Z billionaire rapper from Nothing , his wish came true

The media company ticked through the varied businesses that Jay-Z, whose real name is Ted Shawn Carter, either owns or features a stake in, including:

I am absolutely fascinated with Jay-Z. not just his music but his mentality. he’s sharp and always in survival mode. it all stemmed from street smarts for him. he needed those smarts to thrive as much as he has in a dog eat dog world.

if he had to knock people down in order to evolve, grow and to get where he is, then so be it. Dame would’ve easily done the same if the shoe had been on the other foot. BUT as much as i love Jay, I do have suspicions about the whole illuminati thing.

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