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How James Holzhauer Broke Jeopardy – Explained

How James Holzhauer Broke Jeopardy, is on track to be the highest winning Jeopardy contestant of all time. How is he doing this? James is professional gambler casino and his game-play strategy proves it. Cheddar explains how James is controlling the Jeopardy board.

He’s been donating money to charities in Nevada left and right. An incredibly smart individual, his technique is polished. All technique aside he has to be exceptionally knowledgeable for it to work out. A pleasure to watch it, video bellow!

Jeopardy is fun to watch! James makes Jeopardy even more interesting!! Good luck to James the Jeopardy giant!!! The people going against him had to watch him win for like 20 days, knowing they have no chance lmao.

James’s Jeopardy play style seems genuinely more exciting to watch and if it forces others to play that way it will only improve the show’s entertainment value and ratings.

How James Holzhauer Broke Jeopardy ?

It’s been fun and exciting to watch! GO, James !

Doesn’t do much good to buzz in if you don’t know the answers! Let’s face it, the guy is brilliant!! Congrats, James, on your win over 2 million today, May 24, 2019!

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