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Pilot killed after helicopter crashes on top of high-rise building epic and buzz

Helicopter crashed on top of a New York City Building

Helicopter crashed on top of a New York City skyscraper Pilot Gone and No one else was injured, according to city officials

A pilot gone to the other side of life after his helicopter crashed on top of a New York City skyscraper. On topic. An unfortunate tragedy with the person that passed away. If I were piloting a helicopter and suffered power loss or some failure that lead to a hard landing, I would have picked a building rooftop also to avoid further loss of life.

There are helicopters all over NYC. I’m surprised there have not been more accidents like this. I believe that pilot was trying to save the lives of New Yorkers and took the best option available.

The Fire Department said the helicopter appeared to have crash-landed on top of a tower not far from Rockefeller Centre and Times Square. They added that fuel was leaking from the aircraft and there had been a fire, but this had now been put out and the leakage reduced.

Military helicopter crash PTSD makes moments like this hard to process. My memories from the 1986 Army UH-1H crash woke up .. sucks.. Deep Breaths and Baby Steps for all of you that understands how ptsd moves through the mind. Soldier on !

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