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Game of Trone and avengers by epic and buzz

Fans this whole week mentally preparing for Avengers End game and Game of Thrones

Everyone Is Stressed That “Endgame” And “Game Of Thrones” and Waiting This Weekend , is going to be super stressful and you?

So, on behalf of me and heaps of different fans, this weekend goes to be super nerve-racking because of the actual fact that AvengersEndGame and therefore the Battle of Winter-fell on Game of Thrones are both happening.

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Like, i am at the same time super excited to look at bothhowever also i am curious if I can buy thousands of tissues currently in preparation. Mood realizing all the deaths I’ll probably have to live through next weekend

Sami Lamb

Me when I realized I’m seeing Endgame & Episode 3 of GOT on the same day. #AvengersEndgame #GameOfThrones.

 Marvel EPicandBuzz
Marvel Epic and buzz

I doubt we will ever see anything like this in cinema again. Taken as the finale of a 11 year, 22 movie series, this movie is absolutely perfect. Laugh, cry, cheer, applaud, gasp- and that’s the first hour. Character evolution, major action, amazing acting 10/10. AvengersEndGame.


One taught me love,
One taught me patience,
One taught me pain,
And one taught me infinite pain.

The end of an epic saga

Thanks for 10 years of happiness & memories avengers

This movie proves the Russo brothers are in a league of their own when it comes to closing a franchise this big.

In my opinion they pulled off the most satisfying ending this story arc could have .


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