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Donald Trump look-alike discovered in a Spanish farm

Señora Trump Donald Trump look-alike by epic and buzz

The social Networks found a Donald Trump look-alike -Señora Trump- it’s a potato farmer in Spain.

A woman in Spain looks so much like President Donald Trump look-alike that her photo has spread on social networks, although she says that what matters most to her is the health of her crops.

Everyone has a doppelganger in this world – and we have to admit that that’s a cool theory and also in Islam , there is 41 human lookalike . What you will do if you met a person that looks 80 percent like you? I personally would freak out and be chocked, and then I would want to know everything about their life , parents , friends and how there are living. I wonder if it would feel like talking to a mirror.

It’s also so weird when people look like famous people and also it’s a plus for them — some even make a living out of it. Have you ever wondered how Donald Trump, the United States president and the world’s most powerful man, would look if he was a woman?

Now you don’t have to anymore! A Spanish potato farmer from the Cabana de Bergantiños area has become famous around the world after being photographed by a journalist, writes Business Insider.

She is happy and charmed The reason is that she resembles Donald Trump a lot. And although the reporter was there for a different reason, his discovery was quite a success and has spread worldwide.

A journalist accidentally helped the internet discover Donald Trump look-alike‘s female doppelganger with a photo from a Spanish farm.

  • A Spanish potato farmer has found fame once social media users noticed her likeness to Donald Trump look-alike .
  • The farmer attributes the comparison to her hair color and Face , is really the same like a twin.
  • Now nicknamed “Señora Trump,” she says she is “charmed” the photo has been shared.

Madrid, Apr 25 (EFE) .- The president of the United States, Donald Trump Look alike ,has his double in the north of Spain. One is Dolores Leis, a woman of 64 years that lives in Nantón, small parish of the Galician region of Bergantiños, according to publishes “The Voice of Galicia”.

The photograph Donald Trump Lookalike, which has gone viral, was published on social networks by the journalist paula vásquez, when she made a report on life in the rural world for the galician newspaper.

Photo montage and archive of trump. resources of the quote image of dolores leis taken by paula vásquez, published in social networks and in the voice of galicia. resources of the voice of galicia and means of communication, about dolores leis.

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