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Dad’s Entire Body Is Covered In Tumours

A Dad’s Entire Body Is Covered with a genetic condition has bubble-like Tumours covering his entire body.

Believed to be suffering from Neurofibromatosis, Shadot Hossain is in a race against time to secure surgery to save his sight – and his life. Amazing Dad’s Entire Body Is Covered In Tumours ,what strength to face each day and his wife too must be so strong and loving too.

That’s unconditional love!!

A Video Shows Dad’s Entire Body Is Covered In Tumours

 we really sympathize for this poor unfortunate man in such condition. Yet, he has his fair share of immediate family with a good and understanding wife and son who have to suffer with him.

All we can do is to pray for his healing and pray that he can come to know God to console and comfort him! 

A strong man, his body has let him down. Doctors can help i am sure. My thoughts are with you both. I wish you both a happy ending to this dreadful situation.

Thank you, Lord, that no matter what life throws at us we can be whole through your love and compassion. You have equipped us all to be a blessing to others in some way.

So I pray that this family, especially this father and husband, find healing through the angels you have set before them, so that they can live their lives to the fullest. 

 I admire his wife’s love and care for him. I hope that he will be healed.

Universe guide and protect this wonderful man with Tumours look forward to seeing the up dates thank you also to his wife for being so special.

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