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Cycling for one hour on this bike Can provide you energy epic and buzz

Cycling for one hour on this bike Can provide you energy for twenty-four hours

Bike Can provide you energy? A billion individuals around the world can make it true and give something everyone need nowadays, half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to electricity. Renewable energy or recycling energy is one of the strongest energy solutions to give this innovation to a lot of and a lot of people who can not access to electricity.

Everyone uses energy and Everything needs energy nowadays. Energy is the big equalizer, says Bhargava, the cause is why he created this bike, to help half of the world that need access to energy.


however, capability remains restricted. Today, Manoj Bhargava, the founder of this free electrical hybrid device, shares his invention with the world.

The Hans Free Electric bike: Energy Solution overview Bike Can provide you energy?

How to use the Electric bike

When the person pedal, the movement causes rotational energy or flywheel, which transforms the rotation and drives it into a generator and recharges a battery. This means that pedaling for one hour helps to power household energy for 24 hours.

Having access to this innovation gives free energy, which will enable for poor communities not only to light their homes but also to connect to the Internet and receive a better education.

People often stay poor because of these disadvantages. That’s why the creator Manoj plans to distribute 10,000 of these bikes in India then to other country next year.

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