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Crazy Experiment of Coca Cola and Mentos Under Water

Coca cola rewards Experiment with mentos

What will happen if you throw mentos in Coca-Cola under water? In this video we will show you 8 cool experiments.Your Brain Can’t Take It. I think Coca cola is one of dangerous drink ever, we watched many videos and experiment about the New Coke or the old one, in different field, like cleaning with Coke etc …

What happens If you put and open a New coke and Mentos underwater? In today’s video we want to show awesome underwater experiments!

New coke Experiment Checkout the video

Bad effects Things Coca Cola Does To Your Body


Professionals doctors have been warning us about the bad effects of Coca Cola and sparkles drink consumption by human for years. For years some people just can’t seem to stopk their addiction .With a nation headed face first into obesity, it’s really scary to see what the effects Coca Cola is having on our health. These are 10 things that happen to your body when you drink Coca Cola.

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