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Bull riding play the game in America

These are all about the gnarly rides and epic things welcome to Epicandbuzz.com and today we’re counting down our picks for on of the top extreme sports.

For this extreme sport we’re staring at recognized extreme sports that involve a touch of talent technique and intelligence face the death.

So with all due respect to the Running of the Bulls which involves running and attentiveness that event didn’t make our list .

Bull riding play the game face of Death

Review from a of Bull Rider

You take the pain you know the dangers and you you’re willing to pay for them to do what you love doing

Bull rider speech

So you think! you’re a tough guy eh well let’s see you last eight seconds getting your ass or twig and berries headed to you on top of a raging bull some people get their kicks by running away from such feats ,Whether you’re an American rider or one overseas there’s nothing quite like the intensity of preparing for and executing this challenge.

you step off one of those bulls you’re ten foot tall and bulletproof

American rider speech

it takes a certain breed to sustain this kind of lifestyle and while people flock to events to see bull riders do their thing there’s not much they can do when the bull hits the fan

then all of a sudden you’re from perfect to horrible

American rider speech

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