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Anthony Davis to Lakers epic and buzz

Anthony Davis traded to L.A. Lakers

The Lakers landing All-NBA star Anthony Davis for a steep price to the Pelicans.

LeBron welcomes Anthony Davis to LA . Anthony Davis to Lakers! The Lakers will have either $27.8M in room or $32.5M in room after this deal. All depends on the timing and if Davis waives his $4M trade bonus. Lakers can use this money to try to convince a big free agent to join forces with LeBron and AD or break it up among 2-3 solid role players who can also stretch the floor. They’ve been going over as many options as they can , it will be the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life and they will never win another championship. Guarantee it

Welcome home Davis

The Anthony Davis trade with Los Angeles cannot be completed until July 6. The question now comes down to how LAL times the trade. LAL can use cap space as a buffer first or wait 30 days and have the salaries match up. Waiting would preserve cap flexibility to use $32.5M in room.

Story on the Lakers landing All-NBA star Anthony Davis for a steep price to the Pelicans.

Teams are already expressing significant interest in the No. 4 overall pick belonging now to the Pelicans, league sources tell ESPN. Talks are expected to continue over the next few days. This deal could get even bigger for the Pelicans.

No. 4 pick in 2019 Pelicans get 2021 pick if it’s top 8 — otherwise they get unprotected 2022 pick. Unprotected pick swap in 2023 Unprotected first rounder in 2024 that Pelicans can defer to 2025.

The Pelicans didn’t struggle because Jrue Holiday was their second best player. They struggled because the rest of their roster. Jrue is the most under appreciated player in the league. He’s very good.

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