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Timothy Hucks arrested

An american arrested and found him self with African migrants in Morocco

The story of an American spent his holidays in Morocco

His name is Timothy Hucks, he said : If you’re thinking about traveling or living in Morocco, but have the audacity to do it while black, read this first:

The police arrested Timothy Hucks from America because they thought he is Sub-Saharan illegal migrants from Africa cause he is black.

On this date March 21st, 2019, at about 7:45 in the evening, he left his apartment in Rabat, Morocco to buy some wine before the store closed.he passed by my roommate on the way there, and told her I’d be back. I did not come back.

When the police arrested him,they started to fire off questions about where he was from, where he lived, and where his passport was. he was unaware of his identity, because the officer was not wearing a uniform, and neither was his buddy. He eventually identified himself as police.

When they asked Timothy Hicks where he was from, he said, “America.” They laughed and said, “No, where are you really from.” he said New York. They asked about his parents. He said North Carolina and Alabama. So the implication was clear.

The police arrested Timothy Hucks

He became frustrated, because he had already told him. Though he didn’t have his passport, he showed him his license. The officer did not care. His buddy said, “We’re going to take you far away from here.” When he told him he wasn’t going anywhere with them, they restrained him and handcuffed him.

Why Timothy Hucks arrested  in morocco

He sat next to the only Moroccan on the bus. He spoke a little English, but he said he didn’t know where we were going, either. He thought probably to the jail. During the trip, the military men got violent.

They un-cuffed him and put him in the lobby with 30 to 40 other people — teens to men — all black. The lobby was filthy and they didn’t turn on the lights when it got dark. They waited for about an hour until some men called them in groups into a room.

They took his fingerprints. They took his mugshot. One of the men asked if he spoke Arabic. He said no. He told him I did. Another looked at him directly and simply said, “Terrorist.” He said, “No, I’m not.” He said, “Boko Haram.”

Fun fact: Not a terrorist group in Morocco.

And they just left. At no point had they explained why they arrested him, why they took them to Beni-Mellal, or why they let him go. Nothing. I took a bus to Rabat for $6.He assume the guys w/o money didn’t. He returned to his house at about 8 am, & stayed there for the next 4 months.

Timothy Hucks arrested in Morocco

He called the US embassy, That was the first call he made once he got home. They told him they wouldn’t do anything. They directed me to a list of lawyers and said, “Here are some lawyers. Sorry that happened to you.”

I wish this country the best, and hope that in the future, people (particularly sub-Saharan migrants) are not treated like this. I’ll eventually leave. But they deserve to be treated much better.

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