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American and British Families will Swap Lives for a week

American and British Families will Swap Lives

American and British Families will Swap Lives for a week ,it’s not a business travel or my travel but it’s a travel for exchange. They’ll live in each other’s homes, attend each other’s schools, do each other’s jobs and experience each other’s social lives as they try to discover what really goes on in their twin towns.

Throughout history the UK has enjoyed a famously special relationship with the USA. We’ve embraced each other’s culture, supported each other’s foreign policy and scoffed each other’s cuisine – but do we actually speak the same language?

Check the video of American and British Families

What wonderful families, they are so open and compassionate. We need more of these example in our community.

So glad to see that the families are not from elite backgrounds. Finally a realistic representation of people from both countries, I love these families…I especially love the American dad…he’s the kind of Dad his son loves when he’s little, finds super embarrassing when he’s a teen, and truly appreciates when he’s an adult.

Specially I love the American dad! I wish every man was like him..so in touch with his emotions and so sweet and passionate about everything.

Always good to travel and exposed to other people’s culture. We are all human and we can appreciate the best parts of one another’s lives.

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