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A scientist shocks the world and proofs that Muslim prayer is good for health.

Praying or in Arabic Salat is an regular prayer,so why i should pray,why i should convert to Muslim? Every Muslim, man or woman has to do it with all the rules. No excuse, because Islam gives us all the facilities. Prayer protects us from baseness or evil, that you can not find it in anywhere in this life, we become conscientious, we receive intensity to resist provocations, as well as steadiness in what we undertake

Why i should pray , why religion ?

The human being becomes self-sufficient and feels nothing but aversion and objection in the face of evil. Obligatory prayer should in no way be considered as a burden, but rather as something very much appreciated.

 why i should pray,why i should convert to Muslim

Salat does not mean only praying like you are doing sports or like a hobby, but also by goodness, piety, and righteousness. It is the moment when the Muslim has a conversation to pray with God, thanking him and praising him.

In addition to the benefits of purification through ablutions that the Muslim must perform before performing the Salat, he discovers physical and physiological virtues.

 why i should pray,why i should convert to Muslim

Why i should pray,why i should convert to Muslim?

Although al-salat (the daily prayers) is the key element of developing your relationship with Allah, performing it perfectly, while you have not been taught is improbable as you are a newcomer to the faith of Islam.

And this is understood. You must learn a thing before you can do a thing. 

And you can be sure that Allah knows your situation better than you know it yourself, and He knows that you are sincere in wanting to worship Him as He likes, even if at first you stumble.

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said in a Hadith (reported by Ibn Majah) that Salat is a cure for many diseases.

This Hadith makes us understand that we can draw many physical benefits in this act.

How to Pray like the Prophet Muhammad Salat’s

As Muslims are due to perform prayers 5 (five) times a day, which is one of the important pillars of Islam and thus one can understand why is it important to learn how to pray in the most recommended and right way.

 why i should pray,why i should convert to Muslim

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